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There are many wholesale flower markets in China. These so-called wholesale flower markets are actually big market places where the wholesale and retail price is the same. It is a kind of transiting sale form in the development process of the floral industry. Flower markets are the wholesalers of flower shops, and they also carry out retail operation, which have big impacts on the flower shops. In this situation the flower shops in china have very bad turnover. Therefore, the flower shops that are in retail industry should find niche and provide good quality services, comfortable shopping environment and higher floriculture level, by creating their own brands.

So how can a flower shop promote their flowers to the consumers? The most important point is to lift the floriculture of the personnel in flower shops. At the same time, the operators must constantly bring forth new products and new services according to the requirements of the customers and market. The products that a flower shop sells must be products that are primarily flower related, especially during off-seasons. Otherwise, the image of the flower shop will decline disastrously.

The geographical site of a flower shop is very important. It is directly related to the economic earning of the flower shop. If an operator chooses a common area, his flower shop will not stand the test of the market. The area where a flower shop is located must have convenient transportation and car parks, in order to attract more people. The area of the shop must expand from small to big according to the business volume.

The overall image of a flower shop is also very important. From the flowers and vessels to the decoration of the shop’s hall, you must ensure that it is natural, fresh, elegant and special. There must be new attractions and promotions on display every month.

The opening time of a flower shop must be long, which can make customers feel that it is convenient to buy flowers in the shop at times convenient to them. According to statistics, 6 PM to 9 PM is an important time period because young people are most active in the late evening/night. The general flower breeds must be provided everyday and the special breeds must be provided on special occasions and part of special promotions frequently. In a word, innovating constantly should be a motto of a flower shop.

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