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    Moon Cake Companies get Ready for China's Moon Festival

The Moon Festival is coming. Major moon cake companies have taken all measures to deal with the market. The competition is very intense. Overall, the trend towards moon cakes this year is: packaging simplification, fashion, personality, health and nutrition.

The packaging of moon cakes

The moon cakes in the past had excessive packaging, such as too many packaging levels, excessive ingredients, luxury interior designers, all which resulted in high cost packages. This year, the packaging of moon cakes is following the green trend, which is environmental friendly and practical. Brand enterprises focus on the design and details of individual packages in order to highlight the brand.

It is understood that in order to achieve the goal of “downsizing” and “green”, the enterprises reduce the filling foam in the package, and use biodegradable packaging materials or use new technology methods such as modified atmosphere packaging cassette. Some businesses have even begun to recover moon cake boxes.

The popularity of personalized moon cakes

As people's lifestyles and tastes change, the style and the variety of moon cakes are also changing. Moon cakes businesses use a lot of new materials to develop new varieties, such as red wine, berry pie, fruit stuffing and so on.

It is understood that this year, there will be more and more new, extraordinary, and special moon cakes joining the ranks of personalized cakes.

In addition, many large companies also wish to buy moon cakes which convey the theme of the corporate culture.

Low-sugar moon cakes are healthy and nutritious

Low-sugar, low-fat, green and healthy moon cake is a trend of consumption in recent years. Sweet shallow, dense flavor of the Soviet-style is a good choice.

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