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    The Most Popular Flowers in a Wedding in China

Chinese people are paying more and more attention to the flowers in a wedding. However, the choice of wedding flowers is not only knowledge, but also an art. Not all flowers can be used in a wedding in China. The most critical step in wedding flowers is the choice of florid, flower shape, flower color and the proper use of flower materials.


Rose is the best voice of love. It is the first choice for many new couples taking wedding photographs. But different colors have different meanings. Red roses stand for deep and sincere love, while white roses stand for innocence, purity and respect. In a wedding in China, red rose is the special flowers to express love. So it is the most widely used flower in a wedding in China. But not all varieties of red roses are good floral material as wedding flowers. The red rose varieties require having big flowers, bright color, beautiful shape, long stem and thick petal.


Tulip is a good flower for weddings as well in China. Red, yellow, purple, white and several other colors of tulips are widely used. The red tulips convey the confession of love; the yellow tulips convey the coming of love; purple ones convey eternal love; and white tulips convey pure love.


Among the wedding flowers in China, the lily flower is widely used, which means “Love for all seasons”. In Christianity, the lily symbolizes purity, chastity and innocence. In China, lily flower is a symbol of motherly love and symbolizes the beauty of women. In addition, lily represents the purity of the soul. The color of the lily is very rich and most Chinese people link the white lily with innocence and sweetness. White lily is regarded as the flower of the Virgin, while the yellow lily expresses gratitude and happiness.


Most of the carnations represent love, charm and respect. There are many colors of carnations, of which deep red and pink carnations are the largest selling variety of flowers in China for weddings. The pink carnation depicts the deep love and care, while light red carnations represent the feeling of respect. Pure white carnations represent the purity of love and fortunate. Pink carnations have the most important symbolic and historical significance. So pink carnations have become the symbol of enduring motherly love, and it is widely used in a wedding.


It stands for pure love. These flowers are shaped like butterflies and are highly decorative. Phalaenopsis represent the sincere love between the lovers.


The Gerbera flower is a symbol of perseverance and relentlessness. In some area in China, most newlywed couples like arranging their new home with the Gerbera, which reflects the mutual respect and mutual love between the newlyweds..

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