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    Sending Flowers in China - Chinese Tradition and Customs

As we all know, flower is an art, similarly sending flowers is also an art. The purpose of sending flowers varies from person to person. Therefore, the time and occasions of sending flowers should be carefully designed according to the situation. Otherwise, sometimes if ill-considered, it will cause some misunderstandings.

Different places have different customs of sending flowers. In China, red, orange, yellow, purple flowers and flowers contain auspicious meanings can be given during festivals. While black, white and blue color flowers are used mostly for sentimental situations. Therefore, in China, during festivals, one should select colorful and passionate flowers and while in mourning, the elegant and solemn flowers are the best.

There are a lot of flowers in the world. Different flowers have different meanings. Sending flowers is intended to give joy and artistic beauty to people. So when sending flowers, you should pay attention to the taboo and customs of a person and the place, so as to avoid any misunderstanding caused by sending the wrong flowers. For example, in Guangdong province in China, due to the dialect euphony, when visiting patients it is not wise to take gladiolus. It is because that gladiolus has a homophonic meaning with difficult to meet again in the future.

Tulip flower is good, but one is not allowed to send a white flower to a patient in China. Also, among the young men and women, do not easily give carnations, to avoid misunderstandings. The Lily flower is an auspicious flower in China. But if the woman sends a bouquet of yellow lilies to a man it conveys disloyalty.

China is a multi-ethnic country. Nearly all ethnic minorities have the habit of send flowers as gifts to each other. In some areas, young people in romance put the fresh flowers as a symbol of happiness to express their love with each other.

With people’s living standards improved, interaction and social activities have become more and more popular. Sending flowers in China has become a very popular trend. Some people have many friends, and they are not in the same country. But when they want to express their friendship, they first consider sending flowers. It is the best way to express ones feelings.

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